Helping a father who was injured in Operation Pillar of Defense

We at OneFamily and the Ivgi family are grateful for the financial assistance provided by Peula. With the allocation, David’s wife, Moran was able to address some of their mounting bills and expenses. This is a very difficult time for the family – and the knowledge that a community abroad empathized with their situation and reached out in support, has provided them a tremendous amount of strength. David is 40 […]

Making a difference to families affected by terror before Pesach 2013-a moving thank you letter from David Feld

On behalf of the Maccabee Institute for Educational and Social Welfare I would like to acknowledge the receipt of your generous gift in order to help victims of terror. Our organization is a fully tax exempt Amuta that works with an all volunteer force. We have no paid salaried personnel on our payrolls, meaning all your funding goes directly to the recipients. We deal in emergency situations with people in […]

Pe’ula distributes funds before Pesach

Pe’ula distributed $4,500. before Pesach. $2,260. was given to NATAL to train two hotline volunteers who help Israelis cope with rocket attacks and 2,240. was given to struggling families affected by terror.

Family Rejoices Over Funds Sent to Help Pay for Endless Bills

Here’s the response we got from Tamar Yonah, who spoke to Vicki Zanov, the mother of Avraham, a victim of terror (see earlier post for details) to whom we sent $2000, most of which was raised at our recent Girls Nite In function hosted by Chana Lerner Dear Leah, David couldn’t get on the computer he has been very busy lately, but he asked me to write you and tell […]

Funds Sent to Four Families to Help Them Work and Pay Their Bills

On behalf of the Maccabee Institute for Educational and Social Welfare and the terrorist victims that we were enabled to help because of your very generous gift, we thank you. Leah you and your friends are amazing !!! We wish to acknowledge your funding and thank you for partnering with us in these holy endeavors. So many of our people have paid with their lives and so many others have […]

Funds Sent to Needy Families in South Affected by Rocket Attacks

Dear Leah, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your willingness to contribute $3,500 to Shoulder to Shoulder. As you may know, Shoulder to Shoulder is helping many impoverished families to reach economic independence through an innovative, multi-dimensional holistic coaching model that gradually provides impoverished families with the tools they need to successfully break the cycle of poverty, strengthening their capabilities and helping them realize their […]

Pe’ula sends funds to train two hotline volunteers at trauma centre

NATAL’s Hotline Volunteer Training   Pe’ula’s generous donation will enable essential training for 2 Hotline volunteers. Training duration period: 6 months of intensive weekly training plus 6 months of supervision. Weekly training workshops enable Hotline volunteers to learn about the theoretical background of NATAL’s unique Hotline model and participate in practical workshops and simulations. The training is divided into 3 stages to slowly expose volunteers to all the information and […]

Children’s Playground in Sderot

Shalom Members of ‘Peula – Action for Israel’, Thank you so much for another donation to Congregation Doresh-Tov. Your donation of $2000 is greatly appreciated by Congregation Doresh-Tov and the people of Sderot As you requested, your donation is used for the children playground. In our last letter we mentioned we are about to build more playgrounds and your donation was invest in “Neot Bilu” neighborhood new playground. Last week, […]

Helping Employees in Sderot Cope with Rocket Attacks

On behalf of all of us here at Gvanim Association, we’d like to thank you for contributing to our efforts. Gvanim has been operating since 1994 and serves over 2,500 people every day. We operate over 40 different programs which cater the disadvantaged populations in Sderot, the surrounding area and all across Israel. Our programs run from early childhood education to Children, youth and families at risk, people with disabilities, […]