Pe’ula distributes funds before Pesach

Pe’ula distributed $4,500. before Pesach. $2,260. was given to NATAL to train two hotline volunteers who help Israelis cope with rocket attacks and 2,240. was given to struggling families affected by terror.

successful Pe’ula film event

On February 3, 2013, Pe’ula organised a pre-release screening of the highly acclaimed new Steven Spielberg movie Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis. The theatre was full and approximately $2000. was raised.

Family Rejoices Over Funds Sent to Help Pay for Endless Bills

Here’s the response we got from Tamar Yonah, who spoke to Vicki Zanov, the mother of Avraham, a victim of terror (see earlier post for details) to whom we sent $2000, most of which was raised at our recent Girls Nite In function hosted by Chana Lerner Dear Leah, David couldn’t get on the computer he has been very busy lately, but he asked me to write you and tell […]

Funds Sent to Four Families to Help Them Work and Pay Their Bills

On behalf of the Maccabee Institute for Educational and Social Welfare and the terrorist victims that we were enabled to help because of your very generous gift, we thank you. Leah you and your friends are amazing !!! We wish to acknowledge your funding and thank you for partnering with us in these holy endeavors. So many of our people have paid with their lives and so many others have […]

Notes from the trial of the terrorist who murdered Yonatan and Asher Palmer

B”H June 12, 2012 The Quest for the sympathy of the court? Yehudit Tayar Monday June 10 we met again at Opher Military Court to yet another of the endless heartrending trial hearings of the terror gang that murdered Asher and Yonatan Palmer HY”D on September 23, 2011, and of the terrorist who entered the car directly after the murders, and feeling around desecrated Asher’s body in order to steal […]

NATAL leaders in treatment of trauma in Israel

The Treatment of Trauma in Israeli Society   As I enter the home of NATAL, the Israel Trauma Centre for Victims of Terror and War, located in central Tel Aviv, Ifat, the director of the Resource Development Unit, greets me as if we are old friends with a hug, a kiss and a warm smile.  On the wall adjacent to the entrance to the building is a large mural of […]